Don’t Lay It on to Thick When Searching for Cougars Online

A lot of guys look at fucking as some sort of mechanical chore and that’s why they fail. You have to radiate this knowledge, so when women can see you a mile away, they can say, at the back of their head, that guy will make me cum like it’s nobody’s business, like that guy knows how to handle a woman.

That’s the kind of shit you need to work on. That’s the kind of level you need to get to. So fuck all the basic bullshit and stop being so fucking pessimistic and so doubtful because when you doubt me, you doubt yourself. So if you are serious about banging cougars like clockwork, then you need to learn how to fuck them right, establish a reputation, and let’s not forget the most important question of where to find cougars online;

So what does having a reputation have to do with any of this? Well, very simple. These women talk. And if they come across a guy who knows how to work their bodies just right to make them cum again and again and again, we’re talking at least 5 to 10 times with a very short period of time, they are going to sing your praises. And other women who love to fuck hang out together. Birds of a feather flock together and the word would spread out and you’d be surprised as to how many threesomes or foursomes or even orgies you’d be invited to. It’s like a one man orgy.

If you think this is bullshit, try it. You’ll be surprised. Of course, you need to hang out at the right place. Southern California, Northern California, certain parts of New York, but you get my point. There is a nice little community looking for that experience. So be the guy who brings that experience to the table.